Our Equipment

Quality, well maintained, and modern equipment allows us to do our work in a safe and efficient manner.   Trees and branches are processed with a 15” capacity Bandit drum chipper. It produces attractive uniform chips.  The best part is that the chips are useful in landscaping as mulch to cover bare soil, retain moisture, and help with weed control.  As the chips break down they improve the healthy microbial activity in the soil, improve aeration, and add nutrients that trees and other vegetation use.

We use a Ford F-550 that is build to chip into.  It is big enough to hold a lot of debris but not so big that it can’t fit into tight areas.  It is small enough that it can usually fit into side yards to dump chips.

The real workhorse of the fleet is a Vermeer mini skid steer.  It is on tracks so it is gentle on turf and is used to haul brush and logs to the truck and chipper.  It also has a stump grinder attachment and is small enough that it can usually get to stumps even in areas with poor access.

We have an assortment of chainsaws and climbing and rigging equipment to tackle all sizes of trees.

As needed we use cranes up to 110 ton to assist in tree removal.  Cranes when used properly are safe and efficient especially in the removal of large trees that may be compromised structurally, have poor access, or surrounded by targets.  Over the last 18 years we have completed hundreds of crane projects and have taught crane workshops for other arborists in Utah.