Our Cabling and Bracing Services

Cabling and bracing is a treatment applied to trees with structural defects that can compromise the trees health, shorten the lifespan, and create hazards to people and property. Cabling is the installation of usually steel extra high strength (EHS) cables and bracing is installing steel rods to support tree sections with splits or cracks. At Acer Trees our cabling methods are modern, industry approved and minimally invasive. Our steel cables are usually terminated with Rig Guys that use the whole strength of the cable because they do not rely on J lags, thimbles, or cable clamps. In situations where a steel cable is not appropriate we use COBRA dynamic cables. They flex with the tree and are not invasive. They are very popular in Europe. Cabling/Bracing projects range from simple to using one cable to complex where up to 5 cables and 5 rods are required to support the tree. We have successfully completed many cabling/bracing projects and have improved/extended the lives of many mature historic trees including 4 state champion trees.